How Do Prospective Renters Pass the Tenant Screening in Sandy, UT?

To effectively manage rental properties, we need to have good relationships with both tenants and owners. When it comes to leasing your Sandy rental property, you can be sure we are finding well-qualified tenants whom we can trust to pay rent on time and take care of the home.

Our process of property showings and tenant screenings is a little different than other property managers. We’re thorough and attentive. The result is a great tenant and more peace of mind for our owners.

In-Person Property Showings for Tenants

Finding a good tenant requires strategic marketing. We do that with online advertising and networking, and as tenants begin to show interest in a property, we make appointments to show them the homes ourselves. While many people rely on self-showing technologies, we like to meet with prospective tenants in person. This gives us an opportunity to watch how potential renters treat each other and the property they’re visiting. We notice if they take their shoes off, for example. We’re there to answer questions and talk about what the tenant is looking for.

We’ve been managing properties for 30 years, so we know what types of behaviors good tenants have in common. We know what to look for and what to avoid. If you don’t show the property in person, you lose some of that valuable information.

Screening Tenant Applications

Our screening process follows all fair housing laws, and it’s detailed and comprehensive. We always call the current landlord and the previous landlord to get an idea of what it’s like to rent to a prospective tenant. We also verify employment and income. There are a lot of phone calls involved, but this type of background check is critical when you’re handing over the keys to one of your biggest investments.

Credit and criminal background checks are an essential part of our screening process. We will not work with owners who don’t think these things are necessary. Not checking a tenant’s credit and criminal history can lead to a lot of liability and a lot of bad experiences. We’re here to protect you and your property, so we follow the same screening process every time. No exceptions.

Reviewing and Executing the Lease

Once a tenant has been approved, we email all the documentation that they need to sign ahead of time. We want them to read through it and make a list of questions they might have. Then, we spend at least an hour going through the lease in detail. We want tenants to understand our expectations and their responsibilities. We make sure they understand the rent collection policies and the consequences for paying late. We’ll discuss the process for requesting maintenance repairs and we’ll talk about things like pets and utilities. A complete Tenant Screening Process in Sandy UTwelcome packet is provided so they know who they’re working with.

The tenant screening and placement process is designed with your protection and your tenant’s comfort in mind. We are careful about who we place in your property, and it results in a more successful rental experience for everyone.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Safeguard Property Management. We’re the leaders in Sandy property management, and we’d love to be your resource.