Ways to Winterize Your Sandy Investment Property - Article Banner

Winter is unavoidable in Sandy, Utah, and that often means we need to prepare for more than our fair share of snow, freezing temperatures, ice, and wind. It’s important that you pay attention to the seasonal maintenance needs of your rental property. 

You want to protect your investment and the tenants who are living there. We’ve found that seasonal preventative maintenance can make a big difference in keeping your income property intact and your tenants safe. 

Winterize Your Sprinklers to Avoid Freezing

When you’re sure you won’t need to water your Sandy rental property’s lawn again until spring arrives, turn off the main stop-and-waste valve and drain the pipes. This will protect your irrigation system against freezing and damage. Remember to take the hose off your hose bib. This is important because if you allow your system to freeze, you’re looking at a repair cost of at least $450. 

Clean Your Gutters and Remove Ice Dams on Your Roof

Before winter temperatures really settle in, clean out the gutters at your property. You’re looking for any debris that might have gathered there throughout the summer and fall. If your gutters are clogged, you run the risk of attracting pests and pushing water into the property. That’s going to lead to bigger and more expensive problems. 

After you’ve had the gutters cleaned out, check the roof for ice dams as well. Make sure there aren’t any holes or missing shingles.  

Educate Your Tenants on Winter Maintenance

Talk to your tenants about keeping the heat on to ensure pipes don’t freeze. If they’re going away for a few days during the winter months, you don’t want them to shut the heat off entirely.

You also want to make sure your rental property or your building is well-insulated. Inspect the windows and doors. Trim back any tree branches or bushes that might break windows during a winter storm. 

Preventative Maintenance on Your HVAC

House FurnaceYour residents will certainly need heat throughout the winter, so make sure your furnace and heating units are working the way they should be. We strongly recommend having your entire HVAC system serviced twice a year. If you do it before the seasons change, you can be sure the heating unit is ready for winter. 

Schedule your local HVAC technician to come out to your rental properties to inspect, clean, and service the furnace, vents, and full heating unit. This will prevent a problem during the worst of the winter. You don’t want to be fielding phone calls from freezing tenants who are complaining about their lack of heat. Get ahead of that potential problem. 

Real estate investing comes with costs, but you can keep those costs to a minimum when you’re prepared. If you have any questions about winter maintenance or Sandy property management, please contact us at Safeguard Property Management. Safeguard is recognized as a leader in Salt Lake City property management. We provide residential rental management services to owners of single-family homes, townhouses, condos and duplexes throughout Salt Lake County and the northern portion of Utah County.